These days, people prefer to work smarter than working hard for hours. This drives them to explore for the easiest and the most convenient way to execute a task.  Adding the AOL Desktop Gold is a perfect example in that regard. It happens to be an application that is used on a daily basis and it ensures that you get smooth navigation. The process to Download AOL Desktop Gold is simple and hassle-free. Hence, you can complete the process within a while and just with a few clicks.

AOL Desktop Gold Download

The steps to create or add the icon of AOL Desktop Gold

There are various steps to accomplish this purpose and it would not take much time to execute the task. Once, you have successfully completed the process of AOL Desktop Gold Download, these shortcuts will make it easier to access the software. In this regard, you have the options to do it from the desktop or from the toolbar. Here come the key steps that you need to perform

Creating shortcuts from your desktop

  • Right click on the desktop and click on the option “New”.
  • Subsequently, you are going to receive another dropdown, and there you need to select “shortcut”.
  • Browse and find the location of the AOL app. Once you find that, you need to click on “Next”.
  • You will come across the option to assign a new name. However, you can retain the default name.

Once, you complete all these steps , you will find the icon for AOL Desktop Gold on your desktop

Creating the AOL Desktop Gold shortcuts from the Taskbar

  • Click on the small triangle that you are likely to find along the right corners of the taskbar. This is the symbol that represents the hidden icons.
  • Subsequently, you need to right click on the icon of AOL Desktop Gold. You will come across a drop down. You need to select the “create shortcut” option.

Once all these steps have been executed, you will find the shortcut to AOL Desktop Gold on your computer desktop.

To get the AOL Gold Download Link, you need to visit the website of the provider, wherein you will get the access to this software. To ensure that the AOL Gold Download Install process is completed smoothly, you should ensure that you are using compatible operating systems and have enough of disk space

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