AOL mail problems and AOL Sign-in issues
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The main causes of AOL Sign-In Trouble may be one of the followings:

● Authentication Problem
● Mailbox Creation Problem
● Problem Loading Mail
● Mailbox Not Loading
● Unsupported Account Type
● Blank Screen after Sign-in
● Missing AOL Login Screen
AOL email access problems:
Unable to open AOL email account difficulty arises, because of the following reasons:
● Authentication Error
● Missing AOL sign-in screen, or
● Blank Screen During Login
● Mail Box not loading in Specific Browser
● Outdated AOL Desktop gold
● Basic Troubleshooting

It’s always wise to clear all the stored cache, cookies, history, and footprints before switching to other solutions of AOL mail login error.

It is because these stored pieces of files can cause AOL sign-in problems if they are not cleared periodically. Although these files helped you to access the information faster after clearing all the unwanted files from your system, the system will lose the data that had helped you in reaching directly to the websites and customized pages.

● For deleting the history, first, open the browser you currently use for AOL mail account.
● Press CTRL+H keys on the keyboard and open the history page.
● On the next screen which comes up, select on the ‘Clear browsing history’ option and then select all boxes like download history, browsing history, cookies, and other site data, cache, passwords, and more.
● After selecting the browsing histories click on ‘Clear data’ button to confirm the action.
● Now click on the ‘Advanced ‘tab and clear all the unwanted junk stored on the system’s browser.

Note that all the above steps can be followed for all the browsers except a few exceptions.

Troubleshooting of AOL Login Problems

If the conventional method has not fixed your AOL sign-in error then implement the below-advanced troubleshooting steps according to your AOL login problem fixing Sign-in error of AOL email

● Try Modifying Browser Security Settings
● For resolving the issue of AOL Mail Sign in Error, try changing the browser’s security settings.
● Choose the relevant browser from the list (below) that you’re using for AOL mail account.
● Make adjustments in the browser’s settings
Internet Explorer
● Ensure first that you’re using the advanced version of Internet Explorer.
● Then open the Internet Explorer and tap on Tools icon at the top-right window corner.
● Select the Internet options and click on the Security tab in the newly opened window.
● Then select the Internet Zone
● Click on the Enable Protection mode checkbox. Click on the ‘OK’ button to return on the previous window.
● After this add AOL to your trusted sites.
● Again for this, click Tools, then go to Internet Options, select the Security tab and, tap on ‘Trusted site zone.’
● Now click on Add this website to zone option and then select Sites from the list to type https://* and then
● Click on OK button after you have finished
● Then, Restart Internet Explorer to apply the saved changes.
Mozilla Firefox
● Run your AOL account in safe mode to combat AOL email login problems in Firefox. For this:
● Click on the Help button on the menu bar and select the ‘Restart with Add-ons Disabled’ option.
● Press and hold the SHIFT keys, while you start the Firefox.
● You will see two options in the opened dialogue box.
● Then click on “Start in Safe mode” option to disable all the themes and extensions.
● If the problem still persists then try rectifying the Browser’s Bookmark, this may help in resolving the issue.

Fix AOL Email Login Problems

A Blerk Error 4 prompts on system’s screen while loading AOL mail. To solve this AOL Sign in or login problems online, you need to modify the browser’s privacy and system’s firewall settings.
How to Change Browsers Privacy Settings
● First, open the concerned browser that you’re using for AOL mail.
● Click on Tools next, at the top-right corner or x you can use shortcut key- Alt+X.
● Then select Internet Options to open a window.
● Then go to the Privacy tab and select the desired setting by scrolling the slider up or down.
● Then set it as default and click on ‘OK’ button.
You can use these steps to change Privacy settings of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
Change Firewall Settings
You need to modify Firewall settings since Firewall software is similar to a filter that blocks certain unknown websites.
● Type “Windows Firewall” in the search box of the window.
● Next, check that HTTP:// * is allowed expressly by clicking on “Allowed Programs” option.
● Unchecked the box which is in front of web filtering options.
● Restart the browser and to try AOL mail sign-in.

Fix AOL Login Problems

If you happen to come across the GAH Error 7 then pay attention to your JavaScript on the system because enabling it will fix all issues of AOL email login.
● Open the concerned browser you are using for AOL mail and go to Internet options.
● Then, select the ‘Internet’ icon under the Security tab.
● Tap on a custom level and then search scripting section.
● Then, go to Active Scripting and Scripting of Java Applets section. Enable them by clicking in the checkbox to and then tap on ‘OK’ button to close the window.
● Under Privacy tab, you click on the advanced option to select Override Automatic cookies handling.
● Under the first and third cookies please check the Accept dialogue-box.
● Lastly, click on ‘OK’ button and restart the browser to fix problems signing in to AOL Mail.

AOL Sign-In Screen Missing Problem

Reset the web settings for your browser and fix the issue
Internet Explorer
● Check if you’re using browser’s latest version for the AOL mail:
● Open the AOL mail’s browser window and
● Then tap on Internet Options from the sub menu.
● Select Advanced Tab and then click on the ‘Reset’ button to open a dialogue-box named Reset Internet Explorer Settings.
● Then, check the Delete Personal Settings box and
● Confirm for reset to close the window.
● After the successful reset web settings, go to your AOL mail login page.

Google Chrome
For Google Chrome,
● Click on Chrome menu situated at the top-right corner of the browser window.
● Then tap on settings and select the Show Advanced Options.
● Under the Reset Settings option, click on the Reset button for successful web settings completion.
Similarly, you can follow these steps for Firefox and Safari browsers.
AOL Sign in Error-Blank Screen Appears
A firewall is the main hurdle for making the URLs more unfriendly, so you need to first-disable this pop-up blocking software.
● Type “Windows Firewall” in the search box.
● Click on the “Allowed Programs” option and check that if HTTP:// * is allowed expressly.
● Deselect the web filtering box and then restart the browser.
● Then type URL of AOL mail web page on browser’s window and check if this AOL mail problem persists.

Adjust Web Browser Settings to Default
Adjust the newer version of the browser to default settings to make this problem go away
● Click on the Start Button and tap on the Programs option from the list.
● Then select Default Programs to open a new window.
● Choose the Set your Default programs option from the given list.
● From the menu bar, select the browser you are using for AOL mail login.
● Then click on ‘Set this program as default’ option and tap on ‘OK’ button to confirm the changes.

Difficulty in Sign in to AOL Mail Verizon AOL Email is Not Working
Update your password
AOL users must update the saved password if they recently have changed AOL password, ensure to update it.
● Open the browser’s Settings
● Click on ‘Password’ option
● Navigate to the Saved password pages.
● Select the AOL mail from the list and click on the right side to further access and tap on details option.
● Update the password and click on the ‘Done’ button to confirm the action.

Update your mail client Application
● First, open the Control Panel on your PC and then search for ‘System and Security’ option.
● Then select Windows Update to navigate to the next page.
● Check if an update is available by clicking on ‘Check update’ button and refreshing the screen.
● Then search for the AOL email update file and press update button to confirm the action.
● In the end, restart your browser to apply the changes.

Mailbox Creation Problem

Few of the Mailbox problems and solutions are stated below-:
Problem Loading Mail
● After you encounter this error message check the firewall or the browsers privacy settings.
● A similar problem faced by the users is ZOIDS Error 8, which mainly occurs due to a web browser or the latest software AOL version.
● Mailbox Not Loading
● This GAH Error 7 issue demands the JavaScript analysis of the browser that you’re using for AOL mail login.

Unsupportive Account Type: the ZOIDS! Error 9
While using the username and password that isn’t supported by the AOL system this problem may occur. Also if you reinstall AOL desktop gold in your system then you must log in with the same account type.

Blank Screen after Sign-in

If the problem of blank screen persists, then it clearly indicates the problem with the web settings on the browser, non-friendly URLs, or disabled Java scripting and cookies.
Missing AOL Login Screen
The problems such as Cookies, cache, footprints, and history stored on the computer can lead to AOL missing screen. The AOL sign-in problems may also arise due to the installation of multiple browsers on the system which results in a change of the web settings.

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