Looking for a desktop that gives you the freedom to access all things at once? Are you tired of using different software to get the help you need? Your days of downloading and installing different kinds of software are over. With the new AOL Desktop Gold, you can now multitask everything using just one software. The new user interface makes it very easy and seamless. It has all the familiar features of AOL but with an upgraded experience and features. It contains all the things you know and loves like mail, browsing, search, content etc. With the upgrade in its software, you get premium internet security to safeguard your account from being harmed by external or internal threats.

AOL Gold Desktop Download

But it also does not mean that it is free from any kind of fault. It has its fair share of issues that can hold it back a little. But these issues are fixable and not permanent. These type of problems are handled at AOL Desktop Gold customer service. Customers can simply call and submit their problems and the team of experts will provide solutions on the spot

Some examples of the features you can enjoy by using AOL Gold are enabling and disabling security features on your desktop, anti-keylogging window etc. If you want to find out more, then download AOL Desktop Gold and experience the exciting features for yourself.