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Are you planning for Download AOL Gold? Considering the values that if offers, AOL Gold is enjoying rising popularity, with the passage of time. The best thing is, downloading, installation and Un-installation takes the minimum time and effort. Here comes the guide that will make it a cakewalk to AOL Gold Desktop Download.

Just like any other applications, there are some system requirements to complete the process of the AOL desktop download and installation Tech Support Phone Number. Ensure that you have at least 512 MB available space on the hard drive of the system. As for the operating systems, you should be running on Windows 7 or more advanced versions. In addition, your system needs to comply with the following requirements for AOL Tech Support Phone Number:

  • Minimum capacity of the RAM should not be less than 1 GB
  • Steady and fast internet connection
  • As for the browser, you must be using internet explorer 7 or more advanced versions.
  • The computer processor should have a minimum capacity of 266 MHz.
  • The screen resolutions should be 1024x 768 or higher.
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If you want to complete the download process in an easy and hassle-free manner, you should ensure that your system complies with the conditions stated above.

Download instructions for members, subscribed to the AOL Advantage Plan

You can opt for a premium membership to AOL Gold, at no additional cost, at the time you subscribe to it. If you are a premium member, here is the download guide:

  • You need to Sing-in to the My Benefits Page
  • Look for the “AOL Desktop Gold” icon that you will get in the “All Products” page
  • Click on the AOL Gold Download Link
  • You need to complete the rest of the steps, following the guideline available there.

Download Instructions for users enjoying the AOL Gold subscription or Trial Offer

  • Start with singing-in to the My account page
  • Click on MY Services and scroll down to the Subscription options
  • Click on the Get Started Option that you will get under the AOL Desktop Gold Tab.
  • You should complete the remaining steps as would be mentioned there.

In addition to the options stated above, you can complete the download through the link that you will receive as the confirmation email for AOL Signup. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Open the email that confirms your Signup to AOL Gold. Click on the link for downloading AOL Desktop Gold. Subsequently, you need to click on the Update now option.
  • Get to the Download folder and there, click Save
  • Complete the remaining formalities, following the instructions provided.

AOL Gold Download Install and Tech Support Phone Number

Remember, you can opt for AOL Gold Download Install, only after you successfully complete the downloading process. Get to the download folder, and you need to double-click on the icon for installing AOL Technical Support Phone Number. Click on Run and then, click install now to complete the installation process.

Not Able to send AOL Emails

Are you finding issues in sending AOL emails? No matter the actual factor that is triggering such troubles, no doubt that such instances are unwanted. Sometimes, such issues appear for such simple reasons that you can solve such issues yourself, rather than calling the AOL Support Phone Number.  Therefore, it makes sense to discuss a few such troubleshooting measures that will enable you to enjoy AOL services in a seamless manner.

Are you finding those emails that you never sent? Probably your email account has been hacked

In case, your contacts report that they are getting such emails that you never sent, and your sent box folder has been loaded with such emails, probably, that is an indication that your email has been hacked. If you explore a similar instance, you need to call on the AOL Customer Support Number as soon as possible and inform the officials about such instances. However, you may try by changing your password that is likely to check further damages. This will not take you long to address the additional issues.

Some simple yet effective measures to overcome the issues with sending AOL emails

  • Restarting your computer: if it is so that you have been working for long hours at a stretch, it is likely that you would face such issues. So, the simple solution is that you should restart your computer as it is going to eliminate the internal memory of the system to overcome the issues.
  • Try some other browsers: in case you are still running on some old version browsers, there are chances to face issues with sending AOL emails. So, you may try with some different, updated browsers. In case you are not having such browsers on your phone or system, you can download it instantly.
  • You need to check for the display name: if you are using some combinations for AOL, it is likely that you would face such issues. Especially if your email account has been compromised, you need to check the email settings. This is because, after hacking, hackers tend to change the name that will make it impossible for the actual subscriber to use the account. In such instances, call up the Aol customer service phone number and inform such incidents as early as possible.

Another option, worthy to try in such instances can be checking the browser cache option and reset it back to its actual form.

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